Our counseling program helps children, adolescents, individuals, and families experiencing emotional or mental health issues such as: Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Divorce, Anger Management, Family Crisis, Domestic Violence, Parenting and Pregnancy, and Substance Use Addiction. Catholic and Christian counselors are available upon request. Because we never want you to worry about how your counseling will be paid for, we can assist you one-on-one to develop a payment plan. In addition, we work with a variety of insurances and agencies to ensure you get the care you need.  


Group Treatment Services

Alternatives to Violence (ATV) –  These aggression intervention program helps clients recognize unhealthy behavior patterns and enter the process of becoming non-abusive. Groups are available for both men and women.

M.I.N.D.s focuses on cognitive restructuring and substance abuse. This 12-week Cognitive Behavioral Health program is designed to identify cognitive distortions, re-frame thinking errors, and link thoughts and feelings, to actions or addiction.

Group sessions include: Substance Abuse Education, Making Better Decisions, Motivating Change, Relapse Prevention, Biological and Genetic Links.

Thinking Process focuses on cognitive restructuring.

Aggression Intervention for Men and Women (AIM/AIW)

Women's SPECIALTY Program

This program primarily focuses on substance abuse treatment for pregnant women, women with dependent children, or men who are the sole care providers of their children. Services may include individual or group therapy, as well as case management referrals for prenatal care, child care, transportation, OB/GYN, etc.



Substance use disorder & addiction

Substance Use Assessments – Persons may use this service to verify the presence or absence of substance use disorders. Assessments are confidential and impartial. Each assessment will be accompanied by a list of treatment recommendations as necessary or appropriate, by our experienced and professional staff.

Mental Health Outpatient Services – These services are designed to help client’s sort out the problem areas that encroach on life. The goal of counseling is to help client’s find the energy and strength to solve the issue that they are dealing with. The counselors and psychiatrist take a hands-on approach to help develop skills in dealing with Mental Health Issues.

Peer Recovery