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“I honestly didn’t think our marriage could be saved. I didn’t think counseling could possibly help, but it did. Having someone to talk to and help us hash things out made all the difference. We’ve been married eighteen years now, and I hope many more.”
“Last Christmas we had nowhere to go. Our money ran out for the hotel, and our rent assistance hadn’t come through yet. It was just so cold and none of the shelters had room. Me and my husband and our six year old boy stayed at the Warming Center for two weeks. It makes me want to cry to think about what might’ve happened if we didn’t have the Warming Center. We would’ve froze for sure.”
“I had been in and out of jail so many times - I just didn’t care anymore. I spent eight long years as a heroin addict. Everything in my life was just out of control. I wished I was dead. Thank God a counselor finally got through to me and showed me how to change. They literally saved my life. Catholic Charities saved my life.”

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